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I grew up in Brunswick, Maine and have lived in Portland, Maine for over 20 years. I am married and have a 21-year-old son, Jack, who is currently is serving in the Army. Koda and Moose, my fur babies, spend a lot of time with me in my office and play a major role in my overall health and wellness!


In my early 20's I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and focused on combining balanced nutrition with versatile functional strength training. My career was as fulfilling and interesting then as it is now, although I stepped away from the fitness industry and into the consistency and security of a corporate job.

The fitness industry called me back.  My husband is a chiropractor and has helped expand my experience and knowledge of both strength and recovery.  Now that I am older and wiser, I've discovered my life experiences,  nutrition and fitness consistency in my own life, and a psychology degree provided me with a unique perspective to help clients with a wide variety of goals, including:  


Weight loss/gain 

Strength building

Athletic performance

Physique improvements

Fit lifestyle & mindset coaching

I've been an athlete my whole life and found myself unmotivated and depressed after a running injury and arthritis diagnosis when I was 42. I gained weight and was so uncomfortable in my body; I had all but given up. After some serious soul-searching and a better understanding of what my over 40 body needs, I spent two years rehabbing my body and digging myself out of the hole I was in. After a lot of hard work and consistency over time, I was able to return to the things I love and now I help others do the same. I found my true passion and mission in life; to help you feel comfortable in your own body, whatever that means to you.



NUTRITION: Learning to change behavior around food means hitting the pause button and taking the time to understand what your body needs vs. what you want.

It means addressing your triggers, building new habits, and being patient.

As a coach, I will encourage you to enjoy the journey and expect a life transformation. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen if you're willing to do the work.
As one of my clients said, "I was so frustrated I just wanted to order a new body from Amazon and have it arrive the next day by 10:00AM!" 
1. Articulate what you want and why

2. Set clear, specific goals

3. Stay present

4. Plan and track your food to understand what you need 

5. Consistency over time; not days or weeks, but months and years

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